Education vs. Senority

In a retail environment it can be difficult to differentiate which is valued more, seniority or education when you are a candidate for advancement.  Many store managers have worked their way up through the ranks to become head honcho without any formal education other than high school.  Since being employed by various retailers and knowing several store managers from different organizations, maybe twenty percent have attended college that I know personally.  This particular dilemma makes it a challenge for me to stay with my current company because I feel as if I can’t leverage my education in being promoted.  If I am a significant player when it comes to candidates for store management will managers with my same position with more years with the company have an advantage?  Being educated by a credited university instead of an organization is completely different, but nevertheless you get a more diversified knowledge base from going to school.

Having management experience and having a degree I would think it would give me an advantage in landing a suitable career.  The only problem is that experienced management jobs aren’t being handed out like samples at Costco.  It is difficult to agree to leave a company after you invested years in college only to be handed an entry level job somewhere else. 

Graduating in December has raised some interesting questions that unfortunately I don’t have the answers for yet.  Even though it feels as if I spent the last four years getting a degree to be able to get an executive position someday, somehow those feelings have been nearly diminished by Billy Bob, the guy that has been with the company for ten years who can’t spell or do simply arithmetic.


About Benjamin Fry

I will graduate in December with a degree in business management at the University of Nevada, Reno. I have held multiple management positions at my current company, Sports Authority. Continuing to further my KSAs in management, motivation and leadership. I feel it necessary to break down the barrier that younger management and older management have built between themselves. With my experience, I plan to aid managers from all ages to understand how to integrate various management styles in order to make businesses more efficient.
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