About Me

I will graduate in December with a degree in business management at the University of Nevada, Reno.  I have held multiple management positions at my current company, Sports Authority.  Continuing to further my KSAs in management, motivation and leadership.   I feel it necessary to break down the barrier that younger management and older management have built between themselves.  With my experience, I plan to aid managers from all ages to understand how to integrate various management styles in order to make businesses more efficient.

Working in retail has given me a great opportunity to learn valuable motivational tools to help me coach and train employees. I want to continue my career focus in management where I can use all of my skills and will be constantly challenged. Retail can be repetitive, but it does teach you imperative tools in becoming a well rounded manager. Such as patience, creativity, group communication, customer relations, etc. In our current economic situation it is important for young managers to focus on delivering current and relevant value to the company you are working for. DO NOT BECOME COMPLACENT! It can feel as if you are getting overlooked for all of your hard work, but do not get discouraged, instead generate new management techniques that will get you noticed. Remember someone is always watching, so continue go with your strong work ethic and doors will open for you. Market yourself to your supervisors to show them how you are able to bring value to the table. Do not just be the manager that follows all the corporate directives and doesn’t implement anything new that corresponds to i.e. geographic location, consumer demand, grass roots, climate etc. This will make you go unnoticed and supervisors will not see anything remarkable about you.


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