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Think Win/Win

My previous post about Stephen Covey’s third habit focuses on building your brand appropriately by means of prevention, recognizing new opportunities, and relationships.  The fourth habit, Think Win/Win, builds on the ideology that managers should spend the majority of their … Continue reading

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4 Simply Steps to Engage and Motivate Your Employees

Being a young manager, it is especially important to be able to motivate and monitor your employee’s performance.  Naturally associates are skeptical about being told what to do by either someone their own age or someone younger.  In retail environments … Continue reading

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Education vs. Senority

In a retail environment it can be difficult to differentiate which is valued more, seniority or education when you are a candidate for advancement.  Many store managers have worked their way up through the ranks to become head honcho without … Continue reading

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Managers Welcome

I’m starting a blog to share my experiences in the different positions of management I have held.  They have all been in retail and at the same company.  The positions I have held are operations, hardlines, and now currently receiving. … Continue reading

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